Toronto Arts Stats 2017

Toronto Arts Stats 2017 asks questions about genorosity and the arts. What motivates Torontonians to give their volunteer time, or money, to the arts? This report brings together the results from a public opinion poll and a survey of arts administrators revealing where perceptions of philanthropy to the arts differ.

A photo of two girls hugging while they look at a wall with graffiti on it.


Arts Stats 2017 explores the theme of generosity, revealing how the arts stack up against other charitable organizations for donor dollars, the barriers that stop people

from giving, the benefits of volunteering and donating, and what information could persuade someone to become a donor. The results provide insights into why Torontonians donate to the arts.

73% of Torontonians say that making a difference is the top benefit to donating to the arts. Surprisingly, receiving acknowledgement (34%), and getting invitations to special events (31%) are not top priorities to donors. 

Toronto Arts Stats 2017 is a publication of Toronto Arts Foundation, compiled and edited by Margo Charlton of Toronto Arts Foundation. Survey questions were designed and analyzed by Margo, Lisa Coven and Patrick Ryan (Leger). Special thanks to Michelle Yeung, Jaclyn Rodrigues and Jennifer Green. 

Our thanks to Dave Scholz of Leger for his continued support of arts impact research.

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