Neighbourhood Arts Network

The Neighbourhood Arts Network is the place where arts and community engagement meet.



Neighbourhood Arts Network (NAN) was created by Toronto Arts Foundation in 2010 following the release of a study where we learned about the challenges experienced by artists attempting to engage their local communities. The need for a network that connects artists, arts organizations, arts workers, and community agencies throughout the City of Toronto, with a strong focus on community-engaged arts, was evident.


Neighbourhood Arts Network enriches Toronto by fostering excellence in community-engaged artmaking. This city­wide network of over 1900 members encourages the exchange of ideas, resources and expertise between artists who work in, with and for Toronto’s diverse communities. From the individual artist responding to social issues that affect their community, to the arts organization that co­creates with local residents; from arts educators who mentor youth, to arts companies animating parks and other public spaces, Neighbourhood Arts Network supports a diverse breadth of community-engaged artists and arts organizations in Toronto.

The Network is particularly appreciated for its accessibility, equity focus, newsletter and live events. Free membership for artists and arts organizations includes access to awards, mentorship opportunities, community events and workshops that focus on building healthy communities through the arts. Both live and online platforms provide opportunities for artists to develop new relationships, learn from one another and share resources.

NAN’s programs are made possible through partnerships with individuals, corporations and organizations such as RBC, Branded Cities, Mizrahi Developments, and MOD Developments. Toronto Arts Foundation continues to seek philanthropic and corporate leaders who aspire to support community-engaged artists and newcomer artists through awards, resources, and professional development.


A Toronto in which all artists and arts organizations have the capacity to make transformative art with, in and for diverse communities.

Neighbourhood Arts Network envisions a Toronto in which artists in every neighbourhood are well resourced, well trained and well supported to make transformative art in the service of community building.


To foster excellence in community-­engaged artmaking by offering opportunities for artists and arts organizations to share resources, ideas and expertise with others in the sector.


Members enjoy access to:

  • Professional development workshops and networking events
  • A variety of online resources including Neighbourhood Arts Monthly Newsletter, training modules and funding opportunities
  • Our Vision Awards, which recognize artistic achievement and community impact
  • Online profile and free event listings

Membership is free, click here for more details on how to sign up and become part of this exciting movement!​


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