Through our awards portfolio, we spotlight Toronto's finest professional artists and arts organizations, celebrating their contributions to our city of arts.

A photo of the 2018 Signature Award recipients

Toronto Arts Foundation Awards are presented to artists, cultural leaders and businesses in recognition of artistic excellence, cultural leadership and contribution to the arts. Financial support of the annual Toronto Arts Foundation Awards is provided through a combination of legacies and annual donations from private and corporate donors


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“We understand the privilege of being nominated in a vibrant and artistic city like Toronto, where many incredible organizations support young people through the arts. Having our community nominate us for the second time affirms the importance of our work and the impact of the iAM Program, but most importantly, inspires us to continue striving to reach more youth.” -JAYU, 2020 Arts for Youth Award Recipient

“Being able to empower youth through the arts has always been a core part of our mission. Winning this award is a testament to how far we’ve come from our early years to now - operating for over 10 years completely in service to Black youth and their creative potential. We’re thrilled to be recognized and grateful to our community for the support.”- Nia Centre for the Arts 2020 Arts for Youth Award Finalist

“Being nominated for this award means that there is a willingness to engage with the things I create to assert my humanity and the humanity of those I hold with me. I’m an advocate for the importance of the arts because it has allowed me a way to speak to the world and have the world speak back to me.” ​Joshua Vettivelu, 2019 Recipient, Emerging Artist Award


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Any person may submit a nomination including arts champions, fellow artists, arts managers and leaders, board directors. Nomination forms may be found on the Toronto Arts Foundation Nomination Portal

For questions about eligibility for the Awards, contact:
Christy DiFelice, Award Manager
Tel: 416-392-6802 x202

For questions about eligibility for the RBC Newcomer Arts Award and the Community Arts Award, contact: 
Angie Aranda, Manager, Neighbourhood Arts Network

For questions about eligibility for the Indigenous Artist Award, contact: 
Catherine Tammaro, Award Manager

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