Creative Champions Network

Strengthening the arts by expanding boards’ governance and leadership skills

A group of individuals sit around a table. They are in a deep, but lively discussion.

Creative Champions Network (CCN) provides opportunities for Toronto’s 2,000+ arts board members to come together, share experiences, and learn from leading experts about the art of good governance.  Our Workshops & Speaker Series and online Resources offer extensive information and guidance on the roles, responsibilities, challenges and rewards of serving on an arts board.

Toronto Arts Foundation believes that the arts community’s volunteer leaders are a powerful force: building strong and sustainable organizations, finding creative solutions to problems facing companies large and small, encouraging private philanthropy, promoting the joys and value of the arts, and advancing policies that allow the arts to flourish. Under the guidance of Michelle Yeung, Creative Champions Lead, CCN is building a cohesive and collaborative network that encourages shared learning, board skills development, discussion and collaboration – harnessing the potential of its membership for the benefit of Toronto’s artists and creative sector.  

An average of 7 workshops and speakers events take place throughout the year, covering key topics including:

  • The Board Chair/CEO partnership;
  • Planning for artistic and management leadership transitions;
  • Board recruitment, and diversifying your board;
  • Financial oversight;
  • Board structure and policies;
  • Strategy and planning;
  • The board’s role in fundraising;
  • Being a strong champion and advocate;  
  • And more

Membership and participation in Creative Champions Network is free. Anyone serving on an arts board in Toronto is encouraged to sign up to hear about our workshops, special speakers, and other events.



Membership in the Creative Champions Network includes:

  • Invitations to Workshops, Speakers and Special Events: Explore our upcoming workshops
  • An array of useful Resources provided at each workshop.
  • Access to our online Resources page and occasional e-communications

The Vision, Mission and Goal of Creative Champions Network

Our vision is of a Toronto where everyone has the opportunity to be joyfully engaged with the arts; where artists and cultural organizations are thriving; and where artists, managers and boards are mutually committed to enriching individuals and communities through the arts.

Our mission is to empower the arts community’s most important and passionate volunteers by bringing members of arts boards together to learn, connect and become powerful champions of the arts.

Our goal is to build a sustainable and dynamic network, brought together through targeted events and communications, and to strengthen the arts ecology by creating stronger boards that are better prepared to provide meaningful guidance and support to the organizations they serve.


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For more information about the Creative Champions Network, or if you are a board member of an arts organization and would like to join the Network, please contact:

Alexandra Loewen 
Senior Coordinator, Events & Initiatives
416.392.6802 x215