A COVID-19 Response Initiative

Toronto Arts Foundation is working with civic minded partners, including the Toronto Arts Council, to help with mitigation, resilience and recovery during the COVID-19 crisis in Toronto.

Artists have continued to reach out for assistance in managing and growing during the pandemic and responded positively to the creation of a mentorship program, matching them with experienced peer professionals through virtual one-on-one online consultation sessions.

The original ad hoc program worked with volunteer mentors however, thanks to generous donors and sponsors, all mentors are now compensated for their time and expertise while the program for mentees is provided at no charge.

Mentorship brings the exchange of skills, encouragement, and fellowship during this difficult and financially devastating time for artists and arts workers. 

After extensive outreach 22 Mentors, 77% of which identify as IBPOC and/or LGBQT+, have been selected for the program with a range of support for artists including:

  • Curation
  • Equitable Arts Programming
  • Editing or Proofreading for Grants
  • Online Presence
  • Grant Writing
  • Indigenizing and decolonizing art and artist practices
  • Tips for Art Facilitation, including Designing Accessible Classrooms
  • Community Engaged Arts
  • Adapting Performances for Public and Digital Spaces
  • Moderating Events for Live Streams
  • Filmmaking (fiction and documentary)
  • Strategic planning
  • DIY Event Production
  • Concert Booking
  • Media Relations and Pitches
  • Studio and Art Photography

All Mentors have participated in training and in a networking session with other Mentors to support peer to peer learning.  A full list of the mentors and their offerings can be found here.

Registration for the free mentorship sessions is now open. Up to 80 mentorship session available per month for the arts community to access. More information including how artists can register can be located here.

This program will continue and expand as funds become available.