Creative Trust Research Fellow

Toronto Arts Foundation announced Jini Stolk as the inaugural Creative Trust Research Fellowship in 2013.

Jini Stolk is Creative Trust Research Fellow at the Toronto Arts Foundation and has led Creative Trust, Toronto Dance Theatre, Toronto Theatre Alliance, and Open Studio. She chairs the Ontario Nonprofit Network and is a Centre for Social Innovation board member; she was previously on the Toronto Arts Council board, and chaired the Artscape, Hum dansoundart and Six Stages Theatre Festival boards. She is a William Kilbourn, Sandra Tulloch and Harold Award winner. 

Toronto Arts Foundation announced Jini Stolk as the inaugural Creative Trust Research Fellowship in 2013. The Fellowship supports thought leadership on the best research and practices in art-making and arts management, and will shine a light on those organizations - in Canada and around the world - that are finding new ways to adapt and change to meet the demands of our fast-changing world.

In the first year of the fellowship Stolk published nine new open source compendiums of knowledge and continued to write the widely subscribed ‘Creative News and Views’, the only arts management blog in Canada. To read Jini’s blog and publications, please visit

The Creative Trust Open Source Toolkits are a compendium of processes, policies and program materials reflecting the most important thinking and activities in the success of the Creative Trust's Working Capital for the Arts program. The Toolkits grew out of our desire to share our approach and learning – providing ideas and examples for other arts and non-profit leaders to explore and borrow from, and are made possible thanks to our deeply rewarding relationship with Toronto Arts Foundation, through Creative Trust Research Fellowship. We hope they may offer inspiration and valuable ideas to others as they work to improve the strength and sustainability of their memberships and communities.

Creative Trust’s complete records and documents are available at the University of Guelph Library’s Archival and Special Collections Department. For information on the collection contact libaspc[at]uoguelph[dot]ca



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