Woven weaves together textiles and nature in Walter Saunders Memorial Park, by Tania Fitzpatrick (2018)

Whether you are producing your own arts events or developing a program to support arts programming in parks, you will require an ample pre-production period. Many elements need to come together: partnerships, resources (financial and human), required permits and permissions, artist commissions, marketing campaigns and community engagement.

Planning Committee

A good place to start, and bring multiple stakeholders together, is to create a planning committee. The committee might be made up of representatives from government, partner institutions or organizations, artists, event organizers/planners, community agencies and...

Production Plan

When developing a production plan, some basic considerations go along with producing an event, particularly one taking place outdoors. The length of your timeline and amount of resources needed will differ greatly depending...

Infrastructure Needs

Each park space is unique and each project will have different infrastructure needs. How you plan to use the space will determine how you need to get things set up. Make a list of everything you think your event will need even if it already exists in...

Selecting Artists

Selecting artists depends on the kind of event you are producing. Are you showcasing musicians or presenting a wide range of arts disciplines? Are you looking for artists whose work will hold the attention of children? Do you want a culturally specific event or will you...

Permits, Insurance and Regulations

Regardless of your location in Ontario, presenting art in a park is likely to require one or more permits from your municipality. In an effort to streamline the process and make permitting easier for artists and city staff alike, in 2016 Toronto’s department of Parks, Forestry & Recreation...


A contingency plan for inclement weather is a must when working in parks. This plan should include a rain date (if you choose to book one) as well as actions that may need to be taken in the event of bad weather...

Human Resources

You need to consider what human resources are needed for your event, and whether they will be paid staff or volunteers. You will also need an Event Crew, or a number of sub-crews, to ensure event logistics run smoothly on the day of...

Audience Engagement

Consider how your audience/attendees will engage with the art. Producing arts in outdoor settings doesn’t have to mean a presentation on a stage with audiences sitting in chairs or on the grass. Depending on your objectives or the type of art, audience members might be...

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