Children look on to an extraordinary performance by Clay & Paper Theatre in Amos Waites Park, by Josh Clavir (2018)

Fundraising is a vital part of any arts initiative. The information in this section is not meant as a how-to guide, since approaches will likely differ depending on your objectives and scale of the event.  Instead, this section is to help you navigate which fundraising methods will work best for you, and how to encourage others to support your goal of animating outdoor spaces with the arts. Arts in parks often has funder and donor appeal when events are free as this is seen as a community benefit. Keep in mind, however, that restrictions on signage in parks can require creative or alternative solutions to acknowledge sponsors.

Creating a Budget

An important first step in defining your fundraising goals is to create a realistic budget for the project. Artist fees, staffing, equipment rental, materials, permitting, food, washrooms and marketing are some common expenses. Artists fees...

Types of Fundraising

There are numerous ways to fundraise and find sources of revenue for your project, but whatever method or mix of methods you choose, it will require work and planning. Determine what your organization is capable of and what’s...

Fundraising Supports

In making funding requests – whether to corporate sponsors, foundation or government bodies or local businesses that might contribute in-kind materials – it’s important to include accurate and compelling information and also...


“A lot of our community members are grateful to have a FREE event produced at a professional level. Receiving public funding really allowed us to focus more on production and execution, instead of worrying about admission pricing and larger promotion.”

- Artist, 2017