Toronto Arts Stats 2019

Art Stats 2019 turns its lens to artists and arts workers. This report brings together results from a public opinion poll that surveyed over 1500 artists and arts workers to ask questions about costs of work space, homes, essential training and income.

Since 2013 Toronto Arts Foundation has been working with Leger to research public opinion about the arts and document the findings in our popular Toronto Arts Stats booklets. What has emerged is a record of the appreciation Toronto residents feel for the arts and an understanding that the arts add value to their lives and the city far beyond economics. For many, the arts are a defining asset of our city.

This year, for the first time, we examine the city from the perspective of individual artists and arts workers. The results of the 2019 survey are sobering. Bearing disproportionately high costs for both work space and essential training, and burdened by disproportionately low incomes, many Toronto artists believe they cannot sustain a living and are considering leaving the city.

As with most research undertaken by Toronto Arts Foundation, the learning gleaned from Arts Stats 2019 will be applied to future planning. Just as NeighbourhoodArts Network was created to respond to the needs of artists located outside Toronto’s core, and Arts in the Parks to offer accessible programming for under-served communities, the Foundation will work with this data and with other partners to explore solutions. We applaud those who are currently engaged in finding solutions and thank them for their vital leadership.

Arts resources and partners:
Artscape Launchpad
Hill Strategies

Arts Stats 2019 is a Toronto Arts Foundation publication, produced in partnership with Leger, the largest Canadian-owned polling, research and strategic marketing firm. Special thanks to: Dave Scholz (President, Communications and Public Affairs, Leger), Patrick Ryan (Research Analyst, Communications and Public Affairs, Leger), Peter Kingstone (Toronto Arts Council) and Toronto Arts Foundation staff Margo Charlton, Susan Wright (Deputy Director), Jaclyn Rodrigues (Community Engagement Manager), Dr. Shawn Newman (Reasearch and Impact Manager) and Tabassum Siddiqui (Interim Communications Manager).


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