Generator and The Riser Project research paper

A research and discussion paper commissioned by Toronto Arts Foundation with the support of The Metcalf Foundation and Toronto Arts Council

Commissioned by Toronto Arts Foundation with support from the Metcalf Foundation and Toronto Arts Council, Generator and The RISER Project: Sector developers for independent theatre in Toronto takes a look at Generator and Why Not Theatre’s The RISER Project, two change initiatives in the performing arts sector. Both ventures have emerged from the theatre community to devise new ways to support independent artists in today’s context of precarity and limited resources.

Written by researcher Helen Yung of the Culture of Cities Centre, the report looks at the ventures as case studies with which to examine sector change and how we measure the success of change initiatives. Overall, the report asks: What insights and learning can be derived from looking at these two bold new ventures? 

For more information contact: Margo Charlton, Research Manager, Toronto Arts Foundation  416-392-6802 ext 201

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