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In this section, you’ll find resources that can help your organization become a respectful, supportive and satisfying workplace.

Amid the growing call for “decent work” in the non-profit sector, many in the arts community are working towards becoming employers of choice for people interested in a life-time career that embodies their commitment to creativity through the arts. But how to get from here - a sector where salaries are notoriously low, hours of work are notoriously high, and benefits are few and far between – to there? What can boards do to see that artists and administrative staff are paid fairly and as generously as possible? What can be done to ensure respectful, supportive and satisfying workplaces? What policies and practices should we establish to advance diversity, equality of opportunity, and safe work environments within our organizations? Can we move from a world of rapid staff turnover as people move to better-paid jobs with better working conditions, to a place where our values are more truly reflected in our employment practices?

We've compiled a series of articles, reports and resources for you and your board to explore. Click any of the links below, or access a roll-up of all the resources in one easy-to-print document. Click here to access the document: Decent Work: Creating Better and More Satisfying Workplaces in the Arts (PDF).

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