Fundraising 2.0

If you don't know where you’re going, you'll end up someplace else. This is especially true in the world of fundraising, where success requires a clear strategy and a dedicated team of board, volunteers and staff working in harmony to implement it. Your board can contribute to creating a “culture of philanthropy” and a fundraising plan that leads to success. Whether you’re working in partnership with a professional Development Department or are part of a volunteer team working to meet your annual revenue needs, you’ll achieve better results if you have clear direction about your company’s priorities; realistic, measurable goals; diversified funding sources; and a plan of action that clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each team member.  

We've complied a compendium of resources that expand on the resources found in Fundraising 101. Click any of the links below, or access a roll-up of all the resources in one easy-to-print document. Click here to access the document: Fundraising 2.0 (PDF).

The Board’s Role in Fundraising

Building a Fundraising Board

Budgeting/Planning for Fundraising Success

More Fundraising Essentials for Board Members