Financial Oversight

Whether your organization is operating on a shoestring or has a healthy mix of contributed and donated revenues, financial oversight is one of the board's most important responsibilities. But what does that mean in practical terms? What is the board's role in financial planning, and in maintaining that fine balance between creative risk-taking and the resources needed to support and sustain it into the future? What should the the board look for in reviewing budgets and interim and year-end financial statements? What are the reasonable expectations between board members and arts managers regading reporting - and what of those tasks should be assigned to the Treasurer and finance committee? 

We've complied a compendium of resources, reports and articles for you to explore. Click any of the links below, or access a roll-up of all the resources in one easy-to-print document. Click here to access the document: A Fine Balance: An Arts Board's Role in Financial Oversight and Accountability (PDF). 

Understanding the Board’s Financial Responsibilities

Understanding the Finances

Sustainability: A Board’s Special Responsibility