Parks Meet Art

Parks N Wreck dance battles in Prairie Drive Park, by Josh Clavir (2017)

Park Selection

Parks selected for events have an integral role in the success of the event. Each park has different features and its own character, and the tangible and intangible elements of each site affect what happens in the space, who enters the space and...

Park Features, Infrastructure and Design

Park features, design and infrastructure vary widely and influence how the park is used. Parks with playgrounds and water features attract families with children. Parks with a lush tree canopy provide shade spaces for summer picnics and casual gatherings. Parks with...


Is the site you’ve chosen accessible to everyone, including artists, audiences, participants and volunteers who are Deaf, who have disabilities, who have small children or who are senior citizens? Have you designed the audience or participant area for...

Types of Parks

Through our observations and feedback over the past three years it’s become clear that no two parks are the same and each park has its own personality. At the same time, we found that parks can be categorized into one of two groups: “Destination Parks” and...


“The area is a diverse community and having an event that is multicultural and enjoyable lessens the isolation of newcomers and seniors. The park has also ample space and venue to host these kinds of performances.”

- North Yok Community Organizer, 2017

Tune your Ride Collective presenting Toronto Bicycle Music Festival and Sunset Series

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