Our Story

Shadowland Theatre leads a community parade after a week-long residency in Alexmuir Park, photo by Sean Howard (2016)


Arts in the Parks is an annual summer-long, inclusive arts initiative that takes place in an average of 32 parks per year across Toronto...

Arts in the Parks Partners

AITP is a strategic initiative of Toronto Arts Foundation in partnership with Toronto Arts Council, City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department, and Park People, a national advocacy organization. The involvement of these four key partners has...

Still Developing

Arts in the Parks is a work in progress. Year over year the program and its projects are evaluated and adjustments are made to improve areas, such as marketing and outreach. In 2018, TAF launched a Local Artist Spotlight Program, providing opportunities...

Supporting the Arts

Concern about the scarcity and lack of affordability of arts space is almost universal across cities, towns, and rural communities across Canada. For many people, arts and culture venues are too far away from where they live or too expensive. Others haven’t felt welcome or...