Focusing on Objectives

Etobicoke Community Concert Band delights audiences in Broadacres Park, by Sean Howard (2016)

First Step

Your first step in presenting arts outdoors is to craft a statement of your vision and objectives. This will guide you, ground your decision making, and let you know how you are doing every step of the project. You can devise this statement by...

Choosing Artists to Meet Your Objectives

Knowing your objectives will help you decide on the artists you want to work with. Do you want to attract a large audience? Do you want to support local artists? Do you want to promote a particular art form? Do you want to encourage new and...

Involving the Community

You might have in mind arts events that feature the work of professional artists, whether that be performances, film showings or visual arts exhibitions. But if part of your vision is to engage community members, consider community-engaged arts projects that...

Knowing Your Audience

When you picture your event who do you see in attendance? Is your objective to make the arts more accessible and affordable? Is your objective to attract people to an arts event who don’t usually attend the arts? How will you better understand their reasons for...


“Such a cool event that wouldn't normally happen in my neighbourhood.”

- Attendee in Lawrence Park , 2016