Spotlight: Richard Paquet

Imagine a world without Monet or de Kooning, without Beethoven or Shostakovich, without Shakespeare or Mamet and you have a dull grey world. Not a very pleasant world and certainly not one I would like to live in. –Richard Paquet

Richard Paquet is a proud donor, arts supporter, Board Member, and the Individual Committee Chair for the Toronto Arts Foundation. We asked Richard to share with us some of the reasons why he believes the arts are vital to both Toronto and to the larger global community.

The arts are part of our humanity. The fact that we can appreciate their beauty makes us human. The fact that it sparks an emotion in us proves that we are alive.

In the past year, Richard has travelled around the world and witnessed some of the most renowned cities, art events, and performances in the world—from travelling to London to see Kate Bush’s first concert series of the last 35 years, to attending the Les ChorĂ©gie d’Orange Opera Festival in France, to visiting the new wing of the Chicago Art Institute, to seeing the new production of Cavalleria Rusticana at the MET in New York City—his love for art is both wide-ranging and impassioned.

Richard has been to some of the most distinguished global cultural centres; his passion for art is both inspired and rooted in the place he calls home: Toronto.

Toronto is home to me. I want to see it grow and evolve, to progress and prosper. This growth and progress can only come through creativity, and I believe the ambassadors of this creativity to be our artists. The artists’ community is on the front line making sure that the rest of us are reminded, on a constant basis, of just how much they provide, financially, creatively and aesthetically to our great city.

Richard’s passion for Toronto’s art community is what continually inspires him to contribute, promote, and sponsor the unique and rich artistic climate that spreads across all ends of Toronto, by supporting organizations like Toronto Arts Foundation who support such to flourish.

Imagine a world without Justin Gray or Emilie Lebel, only two of the many award winning artists amongst a long roster of groups and individuals who have benefited from the help and support of such organizations as Toronto Arts Foundation. This is why the arts are important to me.

Toronto is home to a wealth of talent, not identical to, or better than, but simply as equally important as what can be found in any city and any community around the globe. Art grows organically regardless of geography, politics, ethnicity or gender. It is in all of us. And those of us who, for what ever reason, fail to tap into the possibilities, should in the very least support those who are courageous enough to follow their passions.

Richard is an honoured supporter of Toronto Arts Foundation.

Toronto Arts Foundation would like to thank Richard Paquet for his commitment to achieving a Creative City: Block by Block.

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