Laurence and Judy Siegel

Laurence and Judy Siegel recently bestowed a financial gift to the Toronto Arts Foundation, to celebrate the honourees of the Emerging Artist Award.

Their belief is that a "vibrant arts community stimulates the health of our environment." It is their hope that awards and recognition from private citizens will provide artists, or businesses, the time and resources to bring creative ideas to the life of our streets, neighbourhoods and city. Being a part of a group of donors is important, ensuring that funding and opportunity reach a broad range of arts and artists.

In supporting the arts, we create a partnership responsible for the physical, social and aesthetic well- being of our community. "The arts stimulate activity that makes our city exciting, challenging, interesting and prosperous."

Laurence Siegel works in video and film photography and is a member of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. Judy Siegel is a retired psychotherapist involved in voluntary activity in a number of not-for-profit social service organizations.