One Million Dollar Donation Towards COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

Eighty arts organizations to receive support

TORONTO, May 25, 2020 - Toronto Arts Foundation is thrilled to announce a one-million-dollar donation from the Hal Jackman Foundation to support a number of Toronto’s small and mid-sized charitable arts organizations challenged by the impact of COVID-19.

Eighty arts organizations that are affected by depleted earned revenue due to closures of theatres, concert halls, galleries and other arts gathering spaces, have been selected by the Hal Jackman Foundation to receive funds. These are arts organizations of all disciplines, operating across the city, with budgets under 6 million dollars. These unrestricted contributions will inject these valued arts organizations with much needed support in this time of need. Toronto Arts Foundation is assisting with the process, providing context, data and expediting the delivery of funds.

“We are honoured to be working with the Hal Jackman Foundation on this important donation,” said Kathleen Sharpe, Chair, Toronto Arts Foundation. “The Hal Jackman Foundation has been a true champion of the arts for many years, and has stepped up to make a real impact on organizations that are suffering.”

“Toronto’s arts sector is greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Claire Hopkinson, Director & CEO, Toronto Arts Foundation. “More than 30,000 performances and events that take place annually are now at a standstill, and the majority of Toronto’s artists are without work. We are grateful to the Hal Jackman Foundation for this tremendous investment in Toronto’s small and mid-sized arts organizations that contribute so much to our city. We will continue to work to stimulate investment to many deserving and emerging organizations, particularly those which may not have private and corporate donations.”

"We know that investment is essential to ensure that Torontonians have strong arts programming to return to after this crisis" said Victoria Jackman, Executive Director, Hal Jackman Foundation. "I hope that other Foundations and individuals will reach out to Toronto Arts Foundation to see how they can work together to support our artists and the vibrant cultural infrastructure of our city."

“I want to thank the Hal Jackman Foundation for their generous donation which will provide much-needed support for art organizations in Toronto. The city’s arts and culture sector has been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and any form of support will help ensure that once the pandemic is over, the sector can recover and continue to thrive,” said John Tory, Mayor of Toronto.

The arts have the potential to help heal, and guide rebuilding during and after this difficult time; our role at Toronto Arts Foundation, with the help of our generous supporters, is to ensure our sector’s needs are met to make this possible.

The Hal Jackman Foundation donation plays an important part in a suite of Toronto Arts Foundation COVID-19 Response Initiatives launched to help with mitigation, resilience and recovery. These include the TOArtist COVID-19 Response Fund; research on the impact of the pandemic on the arts in Toronto; information gathering and resource sharing to prepare for recovery; workshops that cover crisis management and re-designing and re-imagining artist work; and opportunities to showcase the ongoing work of artists and arts organizations.

Toronto Arts Foundation is actively seeking financial support for our initiatives. We encourage other arts champions to reach out to us to discover how they can make an impact with a contribution to Toronto’s artists and arts organizations. We are stronger together.



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