New Fund Created to Help Toronto’s Artists, Arts Workers

The Toronto Arts Foundation Resiliency Fund launches today

TORONTO, March 9, 2022 - Toronto Arts Foundation is once again creating a pandemic response fund to direct financial support to Toronto’s artists and arts workers. The Toronto Arts Foundation Resiliency Fund, launched today with a generous lead donation of $1 million from the Hal Jackman Foundation, will support charitable arts organizations committed to paying fees to Toronto artists and arts workers. 

The Resiliency Fund is launching at a time when Toronto and the world continues to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the arts sector, the financial losses endured over the past two years – with four mandated closures of arts venues – have been great. Stats Canada has documented greater losses in the arts sector than almost any other. Although Canada’s overall labour force has now rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, this is not yet the case for self-employed artists. The performing arts sector has been particularly hard hit. Stats Canada estimates the performing arts lost 60% of revenues within the first year of the pandemic, leading to cancelled contracts for thousands of artists and arts workers. 

Recognizing that performing arts have experienced a greater share of the loss, Toronto Arts Foundation is focusing initially on charitable performing arts organizations so that they may pay their contracted artists, regardless of show cancellations. 

“Our artists and arts organizations have suffered extraordinary losses, and many artists are having to leave Toronto. There is still great uncertainty in planning for productions,” said Claire Hopkinson, Director & CEO, Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation. “Together, with the leadership of the Hal Jackman Foundation, we are ensuring that many artists will be able to get paid, no matter what this year brings.  The Resiliency Fund will help where help is needed most - by ensuring remuneration for artists, and offering organizations increased ability to plan in uncertain times.”

Toronto Arts Foundation is grateful for the leadership of the Hal Jackman Foundation, which for the second time in two years is supporting Toronto artists through a generous lead donation of $1 million. In 2020 the Hal Jackman Foundation's donation provided emergency funding for 80 arts organizations most affected in the first months of the pandemic.

"The Hal Jackman Foundation is proud to support this critical initiative by Toronto Arts Foundation. We hope that others in a position to help will join us in investing in the future of our artists and in the recovery of Toronto's vibrant artistic community," said Victoria Jackman, Executive Director, Hal Jackman Foundation

Toronto Arts Foundation is inviting arts philanthropists, sponsors and donors to make vital contributions to the Fund. New donations received through a year-long fundraising campaign will allow additional rounds of funding to become available for charitable organizations working in other disciplines. Visit Toronto Arts Foundation’s website to add your contribution to the Fund.

In line with CRA guidelines directing donations from foundations to organizations which are charities, Toronto Arts Foundation is permitted to fund arts charities for expenditure on artists/arts worker fees, while also offering increased stability to organizations affected by pandemic. 

In order to process applications quickly and efficiently, Toronto Arts Foundation is leaning on its close affiliation with Toronto Arts Council (TAC) and its highly regarded peer assessment process, by inviting only those charities that have received a TAC grant in the past two years to apply. Eligible organizations are asked to fill out a simple one page application. The deadline to apply is April 6, 2022.   

An extensive Frequently Asked Questions section has been added to Toronto Arts Foundation’s website for those interested in applying and / or donating to the Resiliency Fund. 



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