Announcing Michelle Yeung as Creative Champions Network Lead

Creative Champions Network is a Toronto Arts Foundation Initiative that offers networking and learning opportunities for arts board volunteers

We’re delighted to announce that Michelle Yeung, while continuing in her current role of Managing Director at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, is also going to join Toronto Arts Foundation as Creative Champions Network Lead. Michelle has served on many arts boards including Mass Culture, Prologue Performing Arts and Cahoots Theatre Company, and during her previous tenure at Toronto Arts Foundation, Michelle worked closely with Jini Stolk to develop Creative Champions Network (CCN) from conception to reality. Michelle will be replacing Jini Stolk, who stepped down as CCN Lead at the end of 2021.

“Board work is something I’m very familiar with; I’ve seen boards at their best, and challenges that often arise. I’m very excited to begin working with CCN Members to re-establish crucial in-person networking opportunities, offer expert and relevant programming and deliver more opportunities for engagement. Building good boards means providing board members with an opportunity to learn, share advice and realize their value. The arts sector is changing drastically, and we could all benefit from getting together to reflect and plan for the future. CCN is a valuable program, and I can’t wait to expand its potential.” - Michelle Yeung

Through Creative Champions Network we continue to focus on strengthening arts organizations through resources, discussions, and networking opportunities for their most valued champions: board volunteers. 

The first workshop session for 2022 under Michelle’s leadership is expected to take place in early fall. 

Please visit our Creative Champions Network web page for up to date information on programming.

About Creative Champions Network
Creative Champions Network (CCN) provides opportunities for Toronto’s 2,000+ arts board members to come together, share experiences, and learn from leading experts about the art of good governance. Our & speaker series and online resources offer extensive information and guidance on the roles, responsibilities, challenges and rewards of serving on an arts board. Visit our Creative Champions Webpage to see past webinars and access our library of resources.

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