As a city-builder, a community booster, an arts patron, and a neighbour, we invite you to join Mayor Tory in supporting the work of Toronto Arts Foundation and make a positive impact on your city.


By sponsoring The Mayor’s Evening for the Arts, you are recognizing that the arts are a fundamental and essential part of all of our lives – contributing not just beauty, inspiration and imagination, but better health outcomes, a stronger sense of belonging and community, and a vibrant economy for all Toronto.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Exclusive VIP Reception Sponsor
Exclusive Head Table Sponsor- SOLD
Arts in the Parks Gold Sponsor (3)

-Volunteer Program Sponsor
-Community Engagement Sponsor
-Local Artists Spotlight Sponsor
Gold Sponsor 
Exclusive Delivered Dinner Sponsor 
Exclusive Program Book Sponsor
Exclusive Wine Sponsor
COVID-19 Artist Response Initiatves Sponsor
Arts in the Parks Silver Sponsor (3)

-Summer Student Sponsor
-Accessible Website and Digital Sponsor
-Youth Ambassador Sponsor
Community Arts Silver Sponsor (3)
-Artist Professional Development
-Community Arts Award- SOLD
-Community Arts Conference 
Board Leadership Series Silver Sponsor 
Silver Sponsor 

For further information on sponsorships, please contact Fundraising Director Karen I. Miller at 416.224.9990 or kim.inc@kimfundraising.com.