RBC Arts Access Fund

Recognizing extraordinary newcomer artists

A photo of the 2017 RBC Arts Access recipients.

Deadline: June 2020. Nominations for this award will open in May 2020.

About: The Neighbourhood Arts Network RBC Arts Access Award is offered twice each year and is designed to support newcomer artists in Toronto. The funds range from $500 to $1500 to support costs associated with arts projects such as artist fees, art supplies, equipment rental, space rental and food costs for a workshop or event. In addition to art projects, this award also supports professional development, training and mentorship requests for newcomer artists looking to improve their skills in working with community. The RBC Arts Access Award is part of our Vision Awards, presented in the summer and fall of each year.

Neighbourhood Arts Network is an initiative of Toronto Arts Foundation. 

Eligibility Criteria:

• must be Newcomers who have been in Canada between 1 and 7 years
• must be residents of the City of Toronto for at least one year prior to the application deadline
• may only receive one RBC Arts Access Fund per year
• must be over 18 years old 
• may self-nominate  
• are not eligible to nominate or receive Toronto Arts Foundation awards while serving as an executive board member or staff of Toronto Arts Foundation or Toronto Arts Council

No person may be selected for more than one Toronto Arts Foundation award within any given year. No person may receive the same Toronto Arts Foundation award twice. This does not preclude a recipient from being considered for a different Toronto Arts Foundation award in the future.

How to Apply: To nominate yourself (self-nominations are accepted for this award) or an individual for the RBC Arts Access Fund you must,

  • Visit the Toronto Arts Foundation Nomination portal https://tac.smartsimple.ca/welcome/taf/
  • Register an account on the Toronto Arts Foundation Nomination portal or sign in to your existing account
  • Submit the nomination online, complete with supporting material

Along with the name of the individual you are nominating, the nomination form will also ask for a biography, a nomination rationale, and accompanying support material in the form of visual, audio or text-based attachments.

Nominators can save their application at any time before submission by clicking ‘Save Draft’. Nominators can log-in and out of the Toronto Arts Foundation Nomination portal as many times as needed before clicking ‘Submit’.

* Please ensure you are on/ register through the Toronto Arts Foundation Nomination portal and not Toronto Arts Council’s TAC Grants Online.

Selection Procedure: A panel of up to 5 members will review nomination profiles and select recipient recommendations for this award. Toronto Arts Foundation’s Board of Directors will make final determinations. Award panelists must have recognized expertise, prestige, credibility and experience along with a sense of history and perspective. Each jury is comprised of participants who are practitioners of community-engaged arts, newcomer artists and community leaders.

Assessment Criteria: Deliberations will be guided by the following assessment criteria: the potential impact of the proposed project on the artist and/or community and if the artist has the ability and resources to carry out the project as described. For those requesting paid mentorship and training support, the panel will asses if the opportunity will develop the applicant's work as an artist.

Contact Info: For questions, please contact Ines Aguileta, Acting Neighbourhood Arts Network Manager, by email at ines[at]torontoarts[dot]org or by phone at 416-392-6802 X 221.